<3Emma Maeee<3
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This is lil wayne the best rapper in the world!!!
I love this guy!

HEY! My name is Emma I am in seveth grade Apollo and i am in the red howl Uhm...as you can tell, I LOVE LIL WAYNE!!!!...hahaha I basically listen to rap, pop, and hip hop. My favorite thing to do is hang out with my friends! If I have a friend over it has to be a sleepover! I can never just have them come over for the day they always sleepover! lol If its not a sleepover I always just beg my mom! hahaha

Justin! my best friend! lol, Tiana, Kelsey, Hayley, Trish, Katrina, Julie, Gina, Angelica, Lauren, Mercedes, Sean!, Collin!,......and other people!
I dont know what I would do without my friends! There always there for me and I LOVE THEM! external image monsterlogo.jpgThese are monsters!!! I LOVE THESE DRINKS!! They make me so hyper!!!