Hey Everyone, It's Adam

All you Silver Howl Kids probably know that my favorite color know is PURPLE. And for all of you laughing at that right now, I don't find it funny one bit.
Now besides that I play two sports, hockey and baseball. (Hockey is my favorite to be honest.) And my favorite hockey team are the Washington Capitals. Now, don't worry, I like the Bruins second, but not first. false
external image caps.jpgMy favorite player on the Caps is Alexander Ovechkin who is number 8. If any of you know me from hockey, that is why I where number eight.
external image article_11995_1.jpgSo that's what I like about hockey, but baseball. That's different. In baseball, I like the hometown team the Boston Red Sox.
external image 1240_Boston_Red_Sox_Socks_Ultra_Decal.jpgSadly, I only have one pet. It is my cute 5 year old yellow lab named Otto. If any of you remember that show when you were little called rocket power. Well that is where he got his name.

I think my greatest hobby is playing my sweet video games. I love my wii so much!!!!!!!!!!! I love to play Rockband and Guitar Hero on it.
external image revoultion-wii-controller.jpg