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I still love "The Great Escape" and "Holiday" by my current fave band Boys Like Girls.

About Me
Hi, I'm Dawna. This page is about me and what I like to do.
One of the things that I really LOVE to do is write!!! Actually, I'm writing a novel right now. I hope to eventually write a whole book series called The Element Series (I want my first book published by the time I'm 15). It's about four sisters (Nikki, Brooke, Kristi, and Dylan), who find out that they have special powers. They can control the elements; air, fire, water, and earth. So far, I plan on writing three books and a prequel. Then I want to write a diary of each of the girls, except Dylan, as she narrates the other books. I haven't finished any of the books yet, but I hope to do a lot of writing over the summer. I'll put some excerpts from my book on the bottom of this page.
Here are the names of the books in this series that I plan on writing someday:
-The Sisters of the Elements
-Chasing the Sun(the prequel)
-The Last Adventure
-Our Daughters
-Nikki's Diary (The Last Adventure and Our Daughters from Nikki's point of view)
-Brooke's Diary (The Last Adventure and Our Daughters from Brooke's point of view)

-Kristi's Diary (The Last Adventure and Our Daughters from Kristi's point of view)

Some other things that I like to do are sing, act, play bass guitar, and read. I write songs and record them with my bass guitar teacher. I sing and play the bass on the recordings. I love to record my own songs and I love doing covers! I love to read book series too.

HERE ARE SOME OF MY FAVES (and/or obbsessions, whichever you prefer)
Food: mac and cheese
Bands+Singers: Fall Out Boy, Lisa Loeb, New Found Glory, A Loss For Words, Paramore, The Fray, Coheed and Cambria, Panic at the Disco, All Time Low, Journey, Celtic Woman, Boys Like Girls, The Maine, 3OH3, The Beatles
CD: I can't wait for Love Drunk by BLG- it comes out Sep. 8th
Movie:The Notebook (makes me cry, but it's just so good)
Books: Uglies series, Clique series, Private series, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, TWILGHT!, The Night World Series, and right now I'm reading Alphas by Lisi Harrison, Hamlet by William Shakespeare, and I'm rereading Twilight.
Subject: English!!!!!
Ambission: I want to go to MIT when I grow up. I want a major in environmental engineering and a minor in geotech! Wish me luck! Then, maybe, I'll go to Bridgewater State and become a middle school English teacher. :)

The whole environmental engineering thing brings me to my obsession with saving the earth from global warming. If you think that global warming is fake or "a myth" you have to read An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore. There's also a movie that goes with the book. It really opened my eyes to the serious problem of global warming. I always try to do whatever I can to help our planet and you should too. And remember: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

Stuff About My Books
This is the epilogue to my first book in the Element Series, called The Sisters of the Elements. It's Dylan's 15th birthday and she goes on a date with Brian, where he gives her a very special gift that is very important in the next book in the series, called The Last Adventure. I just edited this peice and I want your opinions.Tell me if you like it! (post a discussion comment or email me with comments or questions) Enjoy!!!!

I stood in front of the full length mirror in my bedroom, eyeing my reflection. Kristi was buried somewhere in my closet, mixing and matching different articles of clothing, deciding what I would wear for my fifteenth birthday date with Brian. Nikki was experimenting with my hair, trying to find a style that suited me perfectly. Brooke was lounging on my bed, reading one of Kristi’s gossip magazines, occasionally scoffing at whatever she read. And Brooke hated gossip magazines, but, obviously, she had nothing better to do. She was the only one who was not participating in the preparation for my birthday date with Brian. But come on… it’s Brooke!

“Hey, you do know that her date isn’t for, like, two hours,” Brooke pointed out from behind the magazine as she flipped a page. Oh Brooke and her hyperboles. Brian would be here a lot sooner than two hours!

“We need to make her look gorgeous!” I heard Kristi’s muffled voice from my closet. Kristi popped her head out for a second. “Not that you look ugly, just that, well…”

“I know, I know,” I mumbled, shooing her away as she popped back into the closet. Amazingly, I was actually on Brooke’s side this time. And I thought I looked just fine, but I couldn’t get away with that statement as long as Kristi was my sister. Just then, proving my point, she ran out of my closet with a huge grin on her face. She was holding two hangers out in front of her, as if asking my opinion. On one hanger, she had my favorite flowing chocolate brown skirt. The other hanger had a short sleeved green shirt with elegant ruffles along the bottom and the sleeves. For every special occasion, she forced me to wear my colors, emerald green and chocolate brown. Of course, I liked those colors, which was definitely a good thing, but it was possible to overdo it…

“It’s nice,” I said, hoping to finally satisfy Kristi. Kristi had been indecisively changing her mind from outfit to outfit for the past hour. She looked at me with her pout that was designed to make you feel bad.

“I absolutely love it!” I said sincerely, wishing that she wouldn’t get yet another outfit. The grin spread back across her face and she placed the outfit carefully on my bed, behind me. She bounded back into my closet and quickly came back out with the cropped brown jacket that I had worn to the eighth grade dance, which surprisingly still fit me.

“We’ll find shoes after Nikki does your hair,” Kristi announced before sitting in my light pink beanbag chair and snatching her magazine from Brooke. She said “we” like I would actually have some kind of say in what shoes I’d wear.

Nikki stepped back from me and went over to my vanity to organize her hair supplies. I spun around and gently picked up my outfit. Then, I went into my green-themed bathroom and quickly changed into the outfit. When I walked out, Kristi gasped with joy and exclaimed, “Brian is going to love that!”

Next was Nikki’s turn. I sat down at my oak vanity while she twisted and pinned my chocolate locks to my head. Soon, I looked about ready to be in a wedding. Nikki reached into my drawer and took out my favorite green lotus hair clip. She gracefully slid it into my neat up do.

“You look wonderful, Dylan,” Nikki said, her voice as soft as the wind. She grabbed my hand and gently pulled me back to my mirror. Swiftly, she slipped her lucky bracelet from her wrist and wrapped it around a piece of my hair. It was unnoticeable, carefully tucked in behind my lotus. Then, she leaned forward and lightly rested her chin on my shoulder, looking at me through the mirror.

“Good luck,” she whispered. She gently kissed me on the cheek as if she were my mother, then stepped back to let me look at myself. I had to admit, I did look pretty nice. Nikki had turned my hair into a perfect prom-ready up do. It shined with auburn highlights beaming light of my room. The lotus added a great touch to my spring worthy outfit. I smiled, admiring my sisters’ fashion wisdom
Kristi appeared out of nowhere and placed a pair of chocolate brown sandals in front of me. I slipped them on. With the slight heel on them, I was as tall as Kristi. Slowly, I glanced back into the mirror to see my shoes. Then, I realized that their color mimicked Brian’s eyes exactly.

“They look just like-” I began, turning around to face my sisters. For once, I was not expecting Brooke to be the one to interrupt.

“I know,” Brooke said, standing up from my bed. “I found them earlier today in my closet. I was looking for my old red Etnies, and, well, the color of them just struck me. And I know how much you love the color of his eyes. I mean, I see them enough when I…”

I leaned forward and pulled Brooke into a hug. She had thought of me and my thoughts. But best of all, she had listened, which wasn’t exactly Brooke’s style. That was amazingly kind of her!

“They look just like his eyes!” I exclaimed. “Thank you so much!”

“Yeah, yeah,” muttered Brooke as she awkwardly pulled away from my hug. “You can keep them if you want. I’d never wear them anyways.”

I would bet a million dollars that my smile right then was even bigger and brighter than any smile I’d ever flashed. My sisters had helped me so much with getting ready. And they had each given me “gifts”. Nikki never took off her lucky bracelet! She was willing to go the whole night without it, for me. Kristi and Nikki had both shared their style advice. Then Brooke and the sandals…. I loved my sisters more than anything in the world! They were absolutely wonderful!

After that, we all went downstairs to wait for Brian. He would be there any minute now. Pretty soon, I started pacing around the front room, anxious with pent up excitement. Eventually, Kristi made me sit down and “chill out”. Nikki, Brooke, Kristi, and I all sat on one of the many various couches in the front room. I stared down at my shoes the rest of the time, pretending I was staring into Brian’s eyes. Who cares if I’m lame, right? Nobody knew… well, except for Brooke…

Soon, the doorbell rang, sending a bright song throughout the house. I jumped up from the creamy white couch and headed for the door. Kristi ran ahead of me, blocking my way.

“Go back there!” she commanded her hand on the golden doorknob.

“Just let me answer the door,” I urged impatiently, trying to reach past her for the doorknob.

“You need to make an entrance,” Kristi countered, waving me back to the couch, which was out of view from the doorway.

I huffed out an annoyed breath, but did as I was told. I stood by the couch and tapped my foot angrily, waiting for my “cue”.

Kristi pulled the snow white door open and flashed her brilliant smile.

“Hey Kris, is Dylan there?” I heard Brian ask. She’d better let me come over soon or else I might explode with excitement.

“Of course!” Kristi answered, then turned to me and yelled, “Dylan!” very loudly, as if I wasn’t standing ten feet away from her.

I power-walked back to the door. Kristi stepped away politely. I smiled shyly at Brian and he just stared at me.

“What?” I asked, paranoid. Had my sisters made me too formal? Was I not formal enough?

“You look beautiful, that’s all,” he said, holding out his hand. I placed my hand in his and he led me out the door.

“Thank you,” I said blushing a bit. I heard my front door close softly and I turned to see Nikki smiling through the small window. I smiled back but nodded with a gesture that said “go away”. And being Nikki, even though I was being rude, “go away” was exactly what she did. She’d just save the scolding for when I got home…

“So, where exactly are we going?” I asked Brian. He had told me that I would love it, but he had refused to tell me where it was. Brian laughed, let go of my hand, and put his arm around my waist. He pulled me around to face him.

“Like I’m going to tell you,” he joked. “Well, I can tell you part of it actually. My mom made dinner for the two of us. We’ll go to my place and eat, then we’ll go to a secret location and you’ll get your present.”

That sounded good to me. I loved surprises and I guess I could wait a little while. I was just super excited.

“Wow, fifteen,” Brian said. Brian was a little over one month older than me, so he was already fifteen. “Next year we’ll be getting our driver’s licenses. Can you believe it?”
I shook my head. It seemed like just yesterday I found out I had magical powers. Now, three years later, we were on the trail of our mother. That was our new goal: to find our mother. She had to be alive! Well, at least we hoped so…

But that’s another story, for another time. Back to this story, though, I stood there, in Brian’s arms, and stared into Brian’s hypnotizing brown eyes. I smiled dreamily up at him. His expression changed slightly to look that said that he could barely keep this secret from me.

“Well I can tell you something, I guess, about your present,” he said. I smiled in anticipation, happy that I was breaking through his tough barrier. After a long pause, he finally said, much to my dismay, “You’ll like it!”

“Ugh!” I complained. I pulled away from him and continued walking down the street, leaving him behind. “I know that!”

“Oh, Dylan,” Brian said, grabbing my arm and pulling me back to him. He sounded like Nikki; scolding me as if I was a mere child. “Patience.”

He leaned down and kissed me softly. He twirled me around so that he was standing next to me again, his hand grasping mine. He led me, once again, down the road towards his humble, but beautiful, home.

Pretty soon, I could see his crimson and brown brick house nearby. Brian and I stepped over his grey slate walkway to the red wooden door. He pushed it open and ushered me into the autumn-themed living room. Much to my disappointment, Brian let go of my hand as we walked into the dining room. He pulled out one of the cherry wood chairs for me to sit in. I smoothed out my skirt and sat down. Brian pushed in my chair.

“I’ll be right back, Dyl,” he assured me. “I’ve just got to go help bring out the food.”

“Why don’t I come and help you?” I asked politely, starting to get up from my chair. I always felt awkward when I had to sit alone while someone else did all the work, especially when it was Brian. I did not like having people wait on me; even on my birthday!

“No,” Brian said firmly, letting me know that he would not be swayed. “Not on your birthday!”

I sighed, feeling useless, and sat back down. I watched Brian come in and out of the room with plates, napkins, silverware, and dishes of food. Each time he came back into the dining room, he smiled at me. It was a smile that said “I am so in love with you that you couldn’t even get it if you tried!” Nothing could warm my heart like Brian’s loving smiles. Eventually, he finished his work and sat down next to me. His parents followed behind him and sat down across from us.

I had met Mr. and Mrs. Johnson many times before. Last summer, Brian and I had hung out at each other’s houses a lot! The Johnsons were all very nice to me, and Brian said they thought I was a “nice, independent, and intelligent young lady”. Brian’s older sister, Cara, was in college. I’d never met her before, as she was always at school or work. But Brian had said she was really nice and a great big sister. I couldn’t wait to meet her!

“Happy fifteenth birthday, sweetie,” Mrs. Johnson said cheerily. Mrs. Johnson was such a sweet person! I always felt as if she were my own mother.

“Why thank you, Mrs. Johnson,” I replied with a genuine smile.

“Oh please, call me Rebecca,” she said with a wave of her hand.

Brian and I laughed lightly. Brian reached over and grabbed my hand underneath the table. I smiled brightly and started to serve myself with my right hand, which was free.
We were having my favorite meal, salad, with lasagna. We kept up a light conversation throughout dinner and before I knew it, we were all finished. Brian and I stood up to say goodbye. After that, he led me outside. He stopped me when we got to the front of his lawn.

“Okay,” Brian began. “First thing’s first, how was dinner?”

“Very good!” I replied. “You always know my favorites!”

“And you always know how to make a guy happy: by reassuring him that he did a good job.” Brian chuckled adorably.

“So…” I muttered quietly, not wanting to rush him too much. “What about the next part of the night?”

“I was getting there,” Brian said. “Now, close your eyes and hold my hand. I’m going to take you to a special place. And once we’re there, you’ll get your present.”

I was just about shaking with excitement and anticipation by then. But I knew that, no matter what excuse I came up with, good or just lame, that there would be no talking Brian out of this one. I would just have to deal with the suspense for a little longer.

Brian’s smile was huge. As a matter of fact, I was sure it could light the whole world! I gave in, not even thinking about my over-excitement anymore. The more time I spent with Brian, the more I realized how lethal he was to me. With a mere flash of his smile, I was melted away. I would agree to anything when I was like that. I really hoped he wasn’t going to turn on me when I was like this. But, I guess I just always knew he would never do that to me.

I willingly held out my hand for Brian to take. He grasped it warmly in his. My eyes fluttered shut. I would obey and I decided then that I would keep my eyes shut until he instructed me to open them. Even though I was pretty sure that Brian wouldn’t notice if I did in the dark. But anyways, surprises were always better when they were actually a surprise.

I let Brian guide me to his “secret location”. I didn’t even have a guess of where he could be taking me. All I knew, was that I’d be happy wherever it was, as Brian’s eternal goal, it seemed, was to make and keep me happy. Well, if it was, he was doing an awesome job of it.

Brian didn’t say a word to me the entire walk. The only sound was the soft wind that whispered to me and the occasional airplane humming quietly, high above us in the midnight blue sky. The walk was short and pretty soon, Brian stopped. He still held on to my hand, though.

“You can open your eyes now,” Brian said, excitement spilling over in his voice.

I opened my eyes and glanced around. We were standing in the park, right by my bench. Brian’s smile mirrored a little kid’s, filled with joy, eager to please. I raised my eyebrows in confusion, as if to ask why we were at the park, of all places. Brian’s smile didn’t falter, not even for a second. It was as if he had expected me to be utterly confused.

“Well, the park is kind of like our place, right?” he asked. He stared into my eyes, urging me to understand. And, fortunately for him, I did understand. Completely. “It’s where we spend most of our time together and it means a lot to me. Every time I see this place or think about it, I see you. Your gorgeous brown hair and how it flutters in the wind. Your beautiful green eyes and how they mirror the soft grass and sparkle like emeralds. The way your smile looks when you see me walking towards you. The way you laugh, the way you talk, just… everything about you. Then I think, ‘Wow, I’m so lucky to have a girl like Dylan. She’s the most wonderful person I’ve ever met and I don’t know what I’d do without her.’ Seeing you here, like I do when I think of the park, it’s like a dream to me. Then I come here in real life and I wonder how I ever deserved someone like you, and…”

I leaned in and kissed him with all of my heart. No one had ever said anything like that to me in my entire life. I couldn’t even grasp how that made me feel. I felt happy, I felt beautiful, I felt totally and completely loved. I felt totally and completely in love. I loved Brian like I could never love anyone else. Of course, that didn’t include my sisters, but that was different. I loved him with all of my heart and right then, at that moment, I knew that I always would. No matter what happened to us, I knew that until the day I died I would truly love Brian Johnson.

“Brian, that’s the sweetest, most wonderful thing… I, I just, I don’t even know what to say, Brian. I love you, Brian.”

Tears started to stream down my face. That was the only possible reaction I could have to this. I buried my face in Brian’s shoulder. Brian pulled his arms around me and held me tight.

“I love you too, Dylan,” he murmured. “I really do.”

After a while, Brian sat me down on my, no our, bench and he sat down next to me. Once I was somewhat normal again, though it was impossible for me to completely recover from that, Brian and I started talking again.

“You know,” he said, “you still have to open your birthday present.”

“Are you serious?” I exclaimed with shock. “You tell me all that and you get me a birthday present. I mean, I would have been perfectly fine with that alone, and you know that. I’m a simple person, Brian and…”

Brian covered my mouth with his hand and my voice stopped rambling on. He placed a small package in my lap. I peered down at it. It was small, only about the size of my hand. The package was wrapped in light green paper with a sparkling brown bow on the top. I smiled as I noticed that he had purposefully chosen my colors.
“Go on, open it,” Brian urged gently. “I don’t think I can wait any longer!”

I laughed at his childish behaviors. Of course, I shouldn’t be talking, considering that I was even worse around twenty minutes ago. I carefully tore off the paper and crumpled it into a small clump, which I placed next to me. It was a small, black box. Etched onto the top was my name in shiny gold lettering. I couldn’t believe how amazing this boy was. I mean come on, what fifteen-year-old boy gets his girlfriend’s name in gold on the box of her birthday present? Seriously, that’s amazing!

I slowly started to pull the cover off of the box, not wanting this moment to end. How many times did you get a birthday like this? It was absolutely perfect and I could never want anything more than this. I grazed my fingers over the smooth gold lettering that dented the box’s cover. I could tell that I was torturing Brian by making him wait. He just couldn’t wait to see my reaction. I pulled off the cover, not only for Brian, but also because I couldn’t wait either. Inside, floating atop a square of snowy white fluff was a shimmering silver bracelet. Hanging off of the silver loops was a sparkling diamond heart. I took in my breath suddenly in a gasp of pure awe at this beautiful piece of jewelry.

“Oh, Brian,” I whispered, my voice filled with adoration. There was most definitely, without a doubt, no guy out there as wonderful as Brian. And there was no one out there that I’d rather spend the rest of my life with than him.

I leaned over and kissed him with all of the passion that I had in me. In that kiss, I poured out all of my feelings; joy, love, friendship, and true passion. When I finally let go, we just sat there and stared lovingly at each other for a while. Eventually, Brian cupped my chin in his hands and kissed me softly, quickly, but not urgently. He brushed a stray piece of my hair behind my ear, and just admired me, staring into my eyes.

“Dylan,” he said softly, his voice carried to my ears by the wind. His eyes bored into mine with complete seriousness. “Promise me one thing.”

“Brian, I’d promise you anything,” I said willingly, waiting for his request.

“Promise me that no matter what, you’ll never take that bracelet off. I hate to say this, but if we ever go our separate ways and we aren’t, well, together anymore, then you still have to keep it on. It will always be there to remind you that no matter what ever happens to us or between us or what ever, that I’ll always love you forever.”

“I promise,” I muttered, trying to hide the shakiness of my voice, trying to fight back another round of warm tears. I was successful in doing that, luckily. I yawned absentmindedly, suddenly realizing how tired I was. I hadn’t been able to sleep very well the night before because I was so excited for my big date with Brian the next day. But, could you blame me?

“We should get you home,” Brian said, brushing my cheek with his soft hand. He took the bracelet from the box I was holding. Then, he lifted my hand and clasped the bracelet on my right wrist. I wished that I could just go to bed when I got home, like Brian thought I would, but my sisters would not let me off that easy, not even kind Nikki.

Brian grasped my hand in his and pulled me up from the bench. I started to walk, with him by my side, to the southern gate. But Brian wouldn’t have that! He whisked me up into his arms and carried me all the way home…