HIIIIIII!!!!!!! my name is gina and this page is all about my interests. below is a picture of the cover to a kanye west album because i love the song flashing lights.below is also a picture of the DVD cover to eagle eye because eagle eye is like my favorite movie and i would likely befreaking out in a mental facility if icouldnt watch it because of something like a restraining order.my next picture is of sushi because sushi rocks my world. I also put a picture of an elephant making a slam dunkbecause i LOVE elephants and basketball. I just put the monkey there because it looks cool.

external image 00602517412200.jpgexternal image eagle-eye-intl.jpgexternal image Sushi-Plate5.jpgexternal image _42605897_weekly_elephants_afp.jpgexternal image mr-monkey.jpgexternal image Choose%20Cheese%20yellow%20&%20red%20logo%20from%20Paul%20at%20Liquid%20design.jpgthis is just here for random reasons that i dont even knowGeenzzzzzzzzz is cool!.My favorite tv shows are rob and big and spongebob squarepants. By the way if any guys want to check this web page out i love chocolate and long walks on the beach. I also HATE rude people!ps. I am single just in case you wanted to know that.