Sup? nammes liz, take notes :]
basics: sports, art, music. creativity, smarts, difference. having fun, sarcasm. sports: gymnastics, softball, field hockey, running. interested in any sport movies: across the universe, the notebook, dirty dancing, harry potter. loves: bestfriends, my brother, gemini, the beatles, animals, peace, england & canada, being short, health food, working out, nail polish, spirit week, aviator sunglasses, sweat band, late summer nights, friday night crew, taco bell, being old school, meeting new people, downtown, barefeet, sour candy, texting, north highschool, health class, manhunt, hugs, howl class, extended vocabulary, dressing up, dancing, late night phone conversations, that 70's show, vintage things, triple digit heat weather, much more in life i loove.