♥Marisa Lee
Heyy i'm Marisa from PSMS HOWL. My birthday is December 4th 1995. I'm a dancer at Manomet School of
Dance. I do jazz, tap, ballet, and i take a competition class. Last year my team made it to Nationals and went of to Manchester, NH, where we won High Gold and came in 3rd place overall in our age group. This is my 10th year dancing. My favorite books are the Twilight Saga. They are the best books and if you haven't read them yet you should! I also like to sing and play volleyball. =)

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"When you can live forever...What do you live for?"
Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn<3

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"And so the Lion fell in Love with the Lamb"
Edward Cullen, Twilight<3

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"Stupid shiny volvo owner"
Bella Swan, Twilight<3
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"Look after my heart, I've left it with you"
Edward Cullen, Eclipse<3